Ford will let you talk to your car through Amazon Echo

Hey Alexa, start my car.

The Amazon Echo is becoming one of the best parts of the connected home with its impressive voice command system and growing integration with other IoT device like WeMo, Hue and Wink. Now Ford is getting in on the Alexa action with support for the device with Sync.

With Ford's Sync Connect and an Amazon Echo, users can ask Alexa to start their car and check on the range of their vehicle from inside their home. While in the car, using AppLink, drivers can talk to Alexa and control their house as if they're at home chilling on the couch.

At Ford's CES keynote, CEO Mark Fields focused on the company's mobility and connectivity. By partnering with Amazon, this helps the automaker become a more integral part of the Inter of Things without having to develop its own platform. Fields said Echo support will be available later this year.