LaCie's latest hard drives offer extra space via USB-C

Porsche Design Desktop and Mobile options allow you to still charge your computer.

As USB-C arrives on more machines, accessory makers will need to update their products accordingly. That's just what LaCIe has done for CES with its latest Porsche Design Desktop and Mobile hard drives. The aluminum-wrapped storage units now offer USB Type-C connections to your laptop or desktop. What's more, you can still charge your laptop while you're transferring files, so long as the drive is plugged in. If you haven't yet splurged for a new machine with the latest ports, there's a USB 3.0 adapter included with each of the hard drives. In March, the Porsche Design Mobile Drive will be available in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB models starting at $110 and the Desktop Drive will be offered in 4TB, 5TB and 8TB options from $210.

In addition to the new Porsche Design models, LaCie also announced its latest artist collaboration, following its schedule for such announcements at CES. This time around, the company teamed up with industrial designer Neil Poulton on the Chromé. As the name suggests, the 1TB hard drive features a polished chrome finish and stands on a corner rather than laying flat. Poulton took inspiration from an early 20th century bronze statue for the design, opting to make the cube "melt into its base."

The Chromé also offers USB-C connectivity (and USB 3.1, too) for the enclosure that packs in dual 500GB SSDs in RAID 0. All of that makes for up to 940 MB/s data transfers. If you want to nab one, you'll be able to do so as soon as this quarter, but it'll set you back $1,100.