Microsoft and Harman want to put Office 365 in your car

Ultimate productivity on the road.

We get it, driving to work is a period of time where we're not particularly productive. We're usually listening to some Serial episodes or swiping through emails in the passenger seat. But do we really need full access to Office 365 in our vehicles? Apparently so. Harman has teamed up with Microsoft to integrate the productivity suite into its infotainment systems. You won't be polishing off Excel spreadsheets or writing up reports in Word, however. Using "personal assistant software," the experience will be geared towards scheduling and communications -- setting up meetings, responding to emails, joining conference calls and the like.

According to The Verge, you'll be able to do most of this hands-free thanks to Cortana. The planned system will also support Skype calls, either in park or when you're on the road in an autonomous vehicle. (Safety first and all that.) Harman hasn't explained which infotainment systems will be receiving the upgrades, or when it'll be available to the public. For now, it's just a message of intent, although one that's sure to please a few suits looking to maximize every hour in their working week.