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Misfit Ray: A stylish wearable that complements your watch

Misfit's first non-round wearable is still pretty fashionable.

Yes, Misfit has another health tracker for your wrist. But unlike the company's iconic Shine (now in its second version), this one won't take attention away from your fancy wristwatch. It's a longer, less round device called the Misfit Ray. It's more reminiscent of those wristbands you've seen on the impossibly cool people you can't help but judge yourself against at coffee shops, rather than a traditional wrist wearable.

Ray does all of the same activity and sleep tracking as the Misfit Shine 2, but it's also built to be extremely customizable. You can buy it with a leather or silicone band, or nab an extra accessory that lets you loop in just any any type of wristband. Ray can also be worn as a necklace, or even tied right into your sneakers, if that suits your fancy. Just like the Shine, it also sports a 6 month battery life, and it's water resistant to 50 meters.

On the surface, Ray doesn't appear to be a particularly groundbreaking wearable. But in my short hands-on time, it simply felt comfortable, even alongside my Apple Watch Sport. It's a stylish reminder of why Fossil Group snapped up Misfit last year. It's once again taking wearables into entirely new fashion territory.