Netflix's next kids' shows include 'Voltron,' Guillermo del Toro

Its expanded DreamWorks deal is big on robot nostalgia and famous directors.

If it wasn't already clear that Netflix and DreamWorks are best buddies, it'll be patently obvious after today. The two have announced an expanded partnership that includes a handful of new shows for kids. The highlight by far is Trollhunters, an adaptation of Guillermo del Toro's young adult horror book by the same name -- the series will show the adventures of a pair of best friends who discover terrible things. There are also plans for a "reimagining" of Voltron and several more, unnamed shows.

The improved deal is important even if you're uninterested in the new content. Netflix is extending the rights to show DreamWorks' series everywhere the service operates, and it's also offering "second window" rights (read: access after Netflix' pact expires) in every country outside of China. You're more likely to see this content wherever you live, even if Netflix doesn't operate in your corner of the globe.