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OhMiBod launches its own smart kegel exerciser

Lovelife Krush offers real-time feedback and coaching, pre-orders are just $75.

Kegels seem to be everywhere these days, and as soon as a body part gets popular, people start making gadgets for it. Sex-tech pioneers OhMiBod is the latest to follow in the footsteps of kGoal, Skea and Elvie by creating its very own smartphone-connected kegel exerciser, the Lovelife Krush. The device connects to your phone over Bluetooth LE and pushes data to a brand new companion app, TASL. Like the others, this one is placed in your delicate area for you to squeeze, while the built-in sensors push real-time feedback and coaching tips to the app.

As company founder Suki Dunham points out, most women "experience a weakening of the pelvic floor due to childbirth and age." By using devices like the Krush, women can help regain lost strength and maintain it to improve their orgasms and reduce the risk of incontinence. If you made a new year's resolution to tighten up your downstairs but have yet to invest, this is probably your lucky day. Pre-orders for the device open at a heavily-discounted $75, while retail buyers will have to spend $129 to get the same gear when it stores in the spring.

If you were wondering, TASL isn't a Silicon Valley-style spelling of Tassle. It's an abbreviation of the phrase "The Art and Science of Love," so now you know.