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Sony's latest 4K TVs get their own HDR video service

The Bravia X930D series gets both HDR-friendly backlights and a 4K streaming service.

It wouldn't be CES if Sony didn't have a new TV lineup with a central theme, and this year it's all about high dynamic range video. The flagship, 4K-capable Bravia X930D series revolves around a new backlight layout (Slim Backlight Drive) meant to bring out the best of HDR's vivid colors and improved contrast. The Android TV-powered 55- and 65-inch sets also have refined color engines that boost accuracy no matter what you're viewing. Also, Sony isn't content to lean on third-party services like Amazon for HDR content -- it's launching its own service, Ultra, that lets you buy and stream 4K HDR shows (sadly, only from Sony Pictures) on compatible sets.

Sony's Ultra service

There's more HDR-friendly hardware in the pipeline, too. Sony is using CES to show off Backlight Master Drive, a technique that uses very high density direct LED backlighting to produce an "unprecedented" level of dynamic range, deeper blacks and up to a 4,000-nit brightness. It's good enough that images "appear to be real," if you believe Sony. We'll be the judge of that, but it's clear that Sony isn't about to let rivals like LG claim HDR supremacy.

There's no mention of pricing for the X930D, but it's shipping in early 2016 alongside the 75-inch X940, which ditches Slim Backlight Drive while otherwise sharing the same features. And if you don't need to go all-out with your next set, the X850D comes in 55-, 65-, 75- and 85-inch variants that miss out on some of the X930D's contrast and lighting tricks while remaining HDR-ready.