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Yuneec Typhoon H drone uses Intel tech to avoid collisions

It promises pro performance for a relatively affordable price.

DJI-rival Yuneec has a new hexacopter under its Typhoon line of drones, and it's compatible with a collision avoidance module based on Intel's RealSense technology. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich demonstrated the drone during the company's CES keynote today, where the audience watched it successfully navigate an obstacle course and avoid a falling tree in its path. Krzanich even claimed that it's the "first truly intelligent consumer drone." Before its performance on the CES stage, though, the tech corporation sent it to Mexico for some real-world experience.

The consumer drone comes equipped with a 360-degree gimbal camera that can take 4K videos and 12-megapixel stills, and its rotor arms are made of lightweight carbon fiber. If you decide to buy one of these for $1,799 when it comes out, you'll find a 7-inch Android-based ST16 controller with it. The Intel collision avoidance add-on will likely cost extra, but it could be worth the money to make sure the drone doesn't crash into other objects.