360fly puts 4K video cams on helmets

Adrenaline junkies, these are for you.

If you don't want to MacGyver an action helmet, you might like 360fly's new products. The company has launched not only a 360-degree action cam that can take 4K videos at CES, but also four Bell- and Giro-branded bicycle, motorcyle and snow helmets that already have the camera mounted on top. The device can capture up to 30 fps videos and tag them with GPS info, has built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and two hours of battery life. Just like its predecessor, it can be controlled by an accompanying mobile app.

Besides the capability to record videos, 360fly plans to introduce more features before the helmets are released in late 2016. These include AutoPilot action tracking, which automatically puts the subject of your video in the center for easier editing, as well as the ability to livestream high-definition 360-degree footage. But the final and most interesting in the list is Collision Avoidance Alert, designed to notify you of any oncoming danger outside your field of vision. The company says these features are slated to undergo a series of tests over the next few months before they're ready. For now, check out what the motorcycle and the snow helmets could look like: