Black and Decker power tool battery talks to your smartphone

Smartech lets you know if your drill's battery is running low, and it'll charge your phone in a pinch.

When you're using power tools to complete a big project, battery life is a big problem. You probably don't want to find out you need a battery swap when you're in the middle of drilling. Thankfully, Black and Decker has a way to give you a heads-up: it's readying Bluetooth-connected Smartech batteries that talk to your smartphone. They'll let you know when they're running low, and there's a locate feature in case one of the packs gets lost in your workshop. They're useful even when you're not working, for that matter -- a USB port lets them double as mobile power packs.

Black and Decker isn't shipping the Smartech batteries until June, and they won't come cheap. If you don't buy power tools where they're included, it'll cost you $69 each. Mind you, it could easily be worth the cost if you're a construction worker or do-it-yourselfer that regularly has to lug around multiple battery packs to get the job done.