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ICYMI: Action sports drone, the future of shoes and more

We went mountain biking in the desert and it was the best CES ever.

ICYMI: Action Sports Drone, the Future of Shoes and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: AirDog took us on an adventure in the desert to showcase its nearly $1600 drone that can follow action sports junkies autonomously. While other action drones that follow users exist, AirDog claims this one is superior based on 40mph speed and software settings that change depending on the activity of choice. The major drawback for now is that one removable battery charge lasts only 14 minutes, which meant an attempted landing was more of a controlled crash when we took it for a spin.

We found Marty McFly's shoe and it might do even more than we imagined. The Digitsole SmartShoe can self-tighten with a small motor, but it can also keep your feet warm via the temperature control in the companion app. Oh, and it also count your steps. However, they will cost $450 when released in 6-8 months... at least you have time to save up.

Parents who want to make sure their kids are in on the ground floor of the robot takeover can get them started with a Ziro Robotics Kit from Zero-UI. What's fun about this one is that it's controlled with a haptic feedback glove after the robot is all set up.

And finally, SleepPhones Harmony is a new sleep-sensing music headset that basically gives you a playlist for your dreams and can be worn overnight. They adjust music type and volume to keep you in deep sleep, longer.

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