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LEGO's little bot teaches kids about science and coding

So your kids can be nerds.

Earlier today, LEGO revealed WeDo 2.0, a new robotics kit that's designed for elementary school kids. The 280-piece set enables the creation of motorized forms, okay, robots, that will help students learn the basics of engineering, science and coding. For instance, you can build Milo, the adorable one-eyed bot that's pictured, which can follow along strings of simple commands that are crafted in an accompanying app. Every time it follows a task, the corresponding icon flashes on screen so that children can see how programs are executed -- removing bugs when conflicts arise. It seems fascinating that a child in second grade could program the machine to move in a certain direction, but that's only the tip of LEGO's educational iceberg.

WeDo 2.0 is also aimed at educators so that they can engage aspiring scientists in projects to learn more about the environment, space or even engineering. The companion app can be loaded with more heavy duty projects that guide children through the process of building shapes that demonstrate the various stages in the metamorphosis of a frog or create a rover to pretend they're on Mars. The kit is available on sale as of today, and if you're interested in grabbing a set for your child (or your inner child), then you can grab one for $160. Education users, meanwhile, can grab the add-on Curriculum Pack for an additional $290.

Daniel Cooper contributed to this report.