LG home automation hub gives you pro-level security

LG Smart Security melds home automation and ADT protection in a funny-looking bowl.

It's no longer difficult to find both home automation and security in a single package, but LG thinks it can one-up its rivals with something special... if a bit odd-looking. Its previously previewed Smart Security device may look like an upscale colander, but it serves as both a smart home hub (for Bluetooth, WiFi, Z-Wave and Zigbee) and a wide-angle security camera backed by ADT. It's already equipped to notify you when there's unusual movement or changes in temperature, but a $20 ADT Canopy subscription will get you all-day monitoring with a dedicated response team. In theory, you won't have to bend over backwards to get help if there's a break-in.

LG is still being coy about the price of the hub itself, but it should reach the US sometime in early 2016. Whether or not it's a good buy will depend on more than just the price, though. The company is also introducing a SmartThinQ hub that isn't designed for security, but does more to automate to your home -- if it reaches the US, it's likely worth considering.

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.