MSI unveils a high-end all-in-one gaming PC

Plus, the company's ultraportable gaming laptop gets even thinner.

The all-in-one gaming PC is a rare beast, and with good reason: Like a laptop, these machines are typically difficult to upgrade. Like a desktop, however, they aren't portable. It seems like the worst of both worlds -- but not anymore. New machines have been rolling out at CES, bucking the standard with upgradable graphics, and MSI's take is here: the Gaming 27XT all-in-one.

The 27XT seems to be largely identical to the other 27-inch all-in-ones in the company's overtly named "gaming" series, save for the addition of an external GPU housing mounted on the rear of the monitor. The end result isn't as sleek-looking as Origin PC's take on the upgradable all-in-one, but it does seem easier to service.

MSI is also updating its ultrathin Stealth Pro laptop with a new, thinner chassis, cutting its width by 8 percent to a slim 0.78 inches. The company didn't outline specifics for the machine, but the GS72 will probably match its predecessor in specs and price point. Either way, the company says 1080p and 4K configurations of the laptop will be available later this month.