NextVR announces live VR content portal for Qualcomm phones

Soon, Gear VR won't be the only platform to experience 360-degree streaming video.

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NextVR announces live VR content portal for Qualcomm phones

NextVR has been streaming 360-degree virtual reality video to Samsung Galaxy devices for awhile now -- but to access it, you needed to have the right phone, the right app and a Samsung Gear VR headset. Soon, accessing this streaming VR content will be a little easier: NextVR announced today that it's creating a live-streaming virtual reality portal that will work on any android device running Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 processor. Yes, that includes Samsung's next Galaxy device too, but the CPU will find its way to flagship devices from other manufactures as well, ensuring that NextVR's content will be available outside of Sammy's walled garden. That's good news for everybody.

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