Philips' living room audio gear includes 'detachable' speakers

The company has new soundbar options in addition to the surround sound 'on demand.'

Living room audio gear doesn't usually sport dual uses, but Philips' new Fidelio E6 speakers do just that. The units have detachable speakers that can be used as either a stereo setup or separately for 5.1 surround sound "on demand." The top section of the E6's two front speakers can be removed and placed elsewhere, should the need arise. In addition to those, there's a wireless subwoofer to handle the low-end tones. To further improve sound quality, the Fidelio E6 offers spatial calibration tech for a more immersive audio experience and balanced sound. The system features HDMI and Blueooth connectivity as well support for Google Cast and Spotify Connect. Perhaps best of all, it's available now.

If you're looking for a new soundbar, Philips has a pair of those devices, too. The Fidelio Compact Soundbar is just what the name suggests: a slimmer audio gadget that takes up a lot less room than normal TV-friendly speakers. Despite its reduced space requirements, the soundbar still boats 320W of total power to play tunes from HDMI and Bluetooth AptX connections. There's a slim sub for accompany the soundbar as well, to ensure well-round audio. No word on pricing or availability just yet, but maybe we'll hear more about that this week.

For high-quality sound, Philips announced the Fidelio Soundbar with Dolby Atmos. The company says it packs 5.1 surround sound-like audio into this speaker and its companion sub. How? Well, the soundbar's 18 speakers have two modules that send audio upward so that what you hear comes from overhead. Pair that configuration with Philips' Ambisound tech and you're left with what the company calls a "3D sound experience." This duo has 400W of power and both HDMI and Bluetooth AptX connections. The sub has 220W itself and beams low-end tones 360 degrees to fill a room with sound. If that sounds too good to pass up, you'll be able to nab the system this summer.