The Skreens app puts all of your HDMI signals on one display

Distribute up to four inputs across your home television.

Skreens showed off its newly patented media device at CES Showstoppers. The self-titled gadget allows users to spread the video content from up to four HDMI inputs across a single display. The system utilizes a hardware component, shown above, that sits between the HDMI devices and the monitor, and an associated mobile app that controls how the inputs are displayed. Users can resize, reorder and rearrange the incoming signals as they see fit—even run a single input in full-screen with the other inputs overlaid semi-transparently. SImilarly, users can pick and choose which audio input they want to pay attention to.

So, say you have a Chromecast, Blu-Ray, gaming console and cable box connected to your home television. Rather than having to switch from input to input and miss what's going on from the sources not being shown, users will be able to position and size each content source independently. Skreens can also display web content so users can keep an eye on their Twitter feeds or Facebook timelines without having to use a secondary mobile device. The system recently (and successfully) completed its Kickstarter campaign, though there's no word on what the final pricing or availability will be for retail models.