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Audi has a plan to keep you healthy while driving

Fitness trackers and vehicle sensors will keep you cool as a cucumber in nightmare traffic.
Audi has a plan to keep you healthy while driving
Timothy J. Seppala
Timothy J. Seppala|@timseppala|January 7, 2016 1:21 AM

More than just making electric vehicles, luxury automaker wants drivers to stay safe and healthy too. With the "Audi Fit Driver" system (spotted by Autoblog), the idea is to monitor your vitals via a fitness tracker or smartwatch, comparing aspects like current heart rate and skin temperature against previously gathered data to get a picture of your state while behind the wheel. From there, the system will analyze data gleaned from various vehicle sensors to determine your driving style, weather-and-traffic conditions and breathing rate, according to a statement from the company.

Should it sense you're getting stressed, it'll, among other things, trigger a seat massage, adjust the cabin temperature accordingly or even start playing a video tutorial featuring "specially designed breathing exercises" once agitation levels drop.

Fit Driver will apparently even analyze current traffic flow and keep those measurements in mind when suggesting you pull over for a spell at the nearest rest area. You know, instead of you seething idly in a gridlock. Not advanced enough? Audi says that in the future, the system could even initiate a "piloted emergency stop" and place an emergency call in extreme cases.

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All of this sounds pretty cool, but the disappointing footnote here is that the company says it only applies to German models of its rides. Given how big the company has gone on electric and autonomous vehicles, perhaps this making its way outside of Deutschland isn't all that far fetched.

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Audi has a plan to keep you healthy while driving