Solar-powered action camera charges itself in about an hour

30-minutes in the sun will give this 4K camera an 80-percent charge

Mountable action cameras are pretty cool, but almost all of them share the same fatal flaw: limited battery life. At best, most cameras will only record continuously for a few hours before calling it quits for the day. What if you could get more recording time without swapping out batteries? That's the idea behind the Activeon Solar X -- a solar-powered action camera.

The Activeon Solar X is a 4K action camera with a 2-inch touchscreen, WiFi support for transferring content to an iOS or Android device and two hours of built in battery life -- but you can get that from almost any action camera. What makes the Solar X special is that it can nab an additional four hours of use time when used with its "X Station" solar panels. Somehow need more than six hours of recording time? Don't worry about it: the whole thing will recharge to full in about an hour (or 80% in just 30 minutes).

Being able to charge your action camera on the go sounds pretty cool, but it's a feature you'll have to wait for: the $450 Solar X won't hit retail stores until March.