At over five feet wide, this drone is not for noobs

Though it would put your neighbor's Phantom to shame.

Imagine: You turn up at CES with a big ass hexacopter, only to find it's not even the biggest drone at the show. Not by a country mile. Still, at 5.4 feet across and 1.65 feet tall, Aee's F600 is still a bit of a beast. Of course, you don't make a drone this size to carry a GoPro. The F600 is designed for industrial use. Think heavy-duty tasks like servicing oil rigs in high winds, as the six large rotors give it much more stability than your average Phantom.

It's not just the size that's been jacked up. The video link will transmit full HD from over six miles away, which is about the same distance as its total flight range. You'll also get much more flight time, with Aee claiming the F600 is good for almost an hour of flight time, almost three times that of the average consumer drone. This drops to 40 minutes or so with a 6.5lb payload. Everything about the F600 is plus size, including the controller -- a comically large, rugged version of the kind your average quadcopter has. There's also a full briefcase-sized PC ground station -- complete with Windows XP according to the catalog image. We don't have a price for the F600, but big boys toys are rarely cheap, but if you're in enterprise, we're sure it's going to be a reasonable investment.