Panasonic's smart mirrors gave me a makeover

Apparently I have good skin.

We've seen Panasonic's smart mirrors before a couple of years ago, when they made over Engadget Managing Editor Dana Wollman into a 1970s space princess. Now the company is at CES 2016 showing off their smart mirror tech yet again, but this time with a couple of differences. One mirror is for skin analysis, while the other is a cosmetics mirror where you can try on all kinds of different makeup looks. As someone who actually cares about such things, I had a go at the two mirrors to see what they had to say about my face.

These smart mirrors do have a few things in common. They both have a camera to capture your face -- you'll have to align your eyes to a horizontal line to get it calibrated -- and they're both equipped with touch screens. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that, according to the skin analysis mirror, that my skin was in mostly good condition, though apparently it did say my wrinkles could use some help (Thanks?).

It also pointed out what could be "potential" age spots (which just seems like regular freckles to me right now, but who knows). A spokesperson told us that the mirrors were smart enough to see through thick layers of makeup and if your skin needs a bit more hydration. You can also compare previous photographs to the current one, to see if your skin has improved over time. This is potentially useful if you're trying to judge the value of a certain moisturizer or skin cream.

The cosmetics mirror, on the other hand, let me apply all kinds of makeup, from edgy eyeshadows to peachy lip hues. You can even fine-tune the makeup by bringing a particular palette into Photoshop and enhancing, say, the lashes, and then applying that to the overall look. You can either select just certain makeup to try on, and go for custom looks like "Edgy" or "Dolly."

The idea here is that these smart mirrors can be used in the retail space, especially in the cosmetics counter at the mall or at your local Sephora. It'll suggest products you can buy right on the screen, so you can either buy them right there or simply check them out in person at the store.

Andrew Tarantola contributed to this report