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Apple's latest iOS, Watch and TV betas pack big features

A night mode, Apple TV folders and multiple iPad users (in school) are coming.

Apple's pre-release software isn't usually buzz-worthy outside of major revamps, but there's definitely a reason to take notice today. The company's iOS 9.3, tvOS 9.2 and WatchOS 2.2 betas all introduce some hefty upgrades that are likely to get some use. Of the bunch, iOS 9.3 is the centerpiece. There's a new Night Shift mode that changes to warmer color tones to cut back on blue light and help you sleep, akin to third-party apps like F.lux. You'll also see your Apple Watch goals in the Health app, tighter Apple Music integration with CarPlay, a Classroom app for guided lessons and Notes secured by Touch ID. There's even a multi-user feature on iPads, although you shouldn't get too excited -- it's currently meant for students, not the family tablet back home.

Not that Apple is being shy with features elsewhere. On the Apple TV, you finally get a Podcasts app as well as folders, a new multitasking interface and Bluetooth keyboard support. The Apple Watch update isn't as huge, but you now have the option of pairing with more than one Watch at a time -- handy if you're a developer, or just have enough cash to throw at separate smartwatches for different occasions. There's no mention of when finished versions will arrive, but you can get all of the betas (plus an OS X 10.11.4 beta) today if you have a developer account and are willing to throw caution to the wind.