Samsung is making Qualcomm's latest mobile chip

The second-generation 14nm chips use less energy and are faster, too.

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Mat Smith
January 14, 2016 12:51 AM
Samsung is making Qualcomm's latest mobile chip
Samsung says it's making new Exynos processors with low-power 14nm chips -- which is no surprise. What is, however, is that the company is also in charge of building Qualcomm's (maker of Snapdragon) latest chips with the same process. Samsung's FinFET 3D structures bump up both performance and reduce power use, which is what makes it ideal for the tiny processors embedded in smartphones. Samsung adds that its second-generation chips improve processor speed by up to 15 percent, and reduce power use by the same amount. Both its homemade Exynos, as well as Qualcomm's chips, have made appearances in Galaxy S phones, but this is the first time Samsung has announced that it would also be making its rivals' chip -- specifically the Snapdragon 820 that's being baked into smartphones now.
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Samsung is making Qualcomm's latest mobile chip