'Twitch Plays' directory makes it easy to find new games

You can help control the games' outcome, just like in 'TwitchPlaysPokemon.'

The huge success that is TwitchPlaysPokemon gave rise to a number of other Twitch Plays games, and the video platform wants to make sure you can find them all in one place. If you can't get enough of the format but would like to try a new title, simply load its new directory to see a full list of games the community's playing. Just like in the original Pokemon version, you can still help control the outcome of the game by typing in commands the AI will follow in real time.

The list includes Twitch Plays Robot, wherein participants can control real robots taking on various challenges. For the game's first run, the machine has to navigate a physical dungeon with puzzles, traps and enemies. There's also Twitch Plays Dark Souls, which is currently focusing on Demon's Souls, and even TwitchPlaysClawMachine for masochists who want a challenge.

[Image credit: camknows/Flickr]