Apple is shutting down iAd 'App Network' June 30th (updated)

iAds will still exist, but this tool for developers is going away.

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed reported that Apple was going to start phasing out its iAd advertising network -- rather than having an ad sales business, the company was rumored to automate things and let developers submit ads directly. While that still could happen, language in a message posted today from Apple to developers is more definitive: iAd is shutting down on June 30th.

Update: Correction, the iAd program as a whole is not shutting down. What is happening, is that the similarly-named iAd App Network, which allows developers to advertise their own apps through iAds, is going away.

As of today, Apple won't be accepting new apps into the program, though the company says current campaigns can continue to run and earn revenue through that June 30th shutdown date. If you have an app that's already part of the network, you can continue creating campaigns using Apple's iAd Workbench, as well. As to what'll happen on June 30th beyond this shutdown, no one knows. If Buzzfeed's report is accurate, Apple will have some other, more automated system in place -- but if that's happening, it hasn't been announced yet.

[Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]