Lyft is dropping prices to get you out of the house

Don't you have somewhere to go?

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Roberto Baldwin
January 15, 2016 10:32 PM
Lyft is dropping prices to get you out of the house

It's so cold outside. Well maybe not right now (thanks climate change), but the colder weather does tend to keep us indoors and out of ride-hailing services. To lure us out of our warm abodes, Lyft is cutting prices on rides in 33 cities. Some of the cities with reduced fares include Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington DC. Sorry New York and Chicago, you're still on the hook for full price.

According to the ride-sharing company the price cuts are already available in the app. Lyft told Engadget, "we want to remain the most affordable option for passengers."

While this is good news for penny-pinching customers, the reduced rates will mean less money per ride for drivers. They currently get an 80 percent cut of a fare. Of course, the reduction in price could yield more rides and potentially more money overall. Something Lyft clearly wants to happen.

Lyft isn't the only ride-sharing company slashing prices to get your butt in their drivers' seats. Uber announced a similar cut last week. It's a price war, to get you across town.

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