Hit indie game 'Axiom Verge' gets a vinyl soundtrack

Just 1,000 copies will be available.

Game studios have sometimes been a little too eager to get their soundtracks on vinyl, but this is one you'll want to consider if you're a connoisseur. Creator Thomas Happ and Ship to Shore PhonoCo are releasing a limited edition vinyl soundtrack for Axiom Verge, one of the indie game darlings of 2015. While the $22 album isn't as comprehensive as the digital version (likely in order to fit everything on to a single record), the music is only part of why you'd get. Happ is providing rough game sketches and his own liner notes, so you'll have a behind-the-scenes peek at the motivations behind this Metroidvania hit.

When we say "limited," though, we mean it. There will only be 1,000 copies available when the vinyl goes on sale January 18th at 12PM Eastern, and a mere 250 of those will come in a special orange/red hue. To put it mildly, you'll want to watch that order page like a hawk if you want any hope of flaunting your fandom through your music collection.