Windows Phone's keyboard is coming to your iPhone

Word Flow is reaching iOS in preview form, with hints of Android later.

Ask Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile fans about their favorite interface features and they may point to the Word Flow keyboard -- that combination of swiping, word correction and overall feel is hard to replicate. Well, you might not have to pick up a Lumia to get those elusive qualities in the near future. Microsoft is now planning to bring Word Flow to "other platforms," beginning with iOS. Yes, you won't have to ditch that familiar typing experience just because you switched to (or need to use) an iPhone. It's not clear what if anything will change in the conversion, though we'd expect the keyboard to largely remain intact.

Microsoft is only inviting Windows Insiders to a preview program at the moment, but it's promising an App Store release. We wouldn't be surprised if there's an Android version soon after, for that matter. Between this, the Cortana release and existing cross-platform Microsoft apps, you won't have to suffer many Windows withdrawal symptoms at all in the future -- the biggest absence may simply be that tiled home screen.