Amazon Dash is ready to refill your printer or washing machine

Dash refills are available now on a handful of devices.

Amazon has been hyping up devices with built-in Dash refill ordering, and the first wave of those devices is finally here. As of today, you can use the Dash Replenishment Service to top up the ink or toner on compatible Brother printers. If you're willing to wait until the end of January, the option will also be available for both a General Electric washing machine and a Gmate blood glucose monitor. Whichever device you get, the only real requirement is that you turn on the service -- Amazon will automatically order resupplies whenever your device is running low.

True, you don't have many choices at the moment, but they should get better in the future. August's Smart Lock, new Whirlpool appliances (including the Smart Dishwasher) and a Brita water pitcher are among the next gadgets with Dash refill options. Either way, you could find your shopping habits changing pretty quickly if you embrace Amazon's vision. Rather than keep ample supplies "just in case," you could let your gadgets order everything just in time.