ICYMI: Space X's near-landing, Fukushima's new robot and more

Robots being robots, doing things only robots can do.

ICYMI: Space X's Near-Landing, Fukushima's New Robot and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: Space X's latest Falcon 9 autonomous landing almost went according to plan. The rocket's satellite made it into orbit and the first stage booster set down on its drone barge but promptly fell over and exploded on account of a faulty landing strut -- because that's how rockets do.

Toshiba unveiled a new robot designed specifically to help clean up the Fukushima power plant, which was severely damaged during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The mechanical repair-bot will clear debris from the Reactor 3 cooling pool before carefully removing nearly 600 spent fuel rods.

We've also got a self-filling water bottle. Dubbed the Fontus, it collects moisture in from the atmosphere using either a solar-powered fan or by passively sucking down the wind during a bike ride. Either way, you won't be going thirsty any time soon.

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