Taser's smallest weapon ever is for civilians, not cops

The Pulse will be available later this year for $399.

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Taser's smallest weapon ever is for civilians, not cops

Although Taser is mostly known for supplying weapons to law enforcement officers, the company also focuses on people who are interested in self-defense products. With this in mind, Taser's introduced the Pulse, a small and lightweight weapon designed for the personal protection of every-day civilians. Pulse, which Taser says is its smallest weapon ever, can be easily carried around in a handbag or concealed on someone's back, measuring a mere 5.24 inches long by 4.5 inches tall and weighing roughly half a pound.

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Additionally, the Pulse comes with rechargeable batteries, two live Taser cartridges, laser-assisted targeting and a 15-foot range. Most importantly, Taser says that if you end up using it for self-defense and leave it at the scene, the device will be replaced for free. The $399 Pulse won't be shipping until "late" Q1 of this year, but Taser's expected to start taking pre-orders on its website any moment now.
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