IBM buys Ustream to power its new video services division

The company gets serious about cloud-based live video streams.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|01.21.16

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Billy Steele
January 21st, 2016
Well, that was fast. Hours after reports surfaced that IBM was planning to nab video livestreaming company Ustream, the deal is official. The internet broadcast outfit will join IBM's new Cloud Video Services division for live and on-demand video with "consistent delivery across global industries." Ustream targeted business customers to flex its streaming muscle, including live CES coverage for a few big name companies at this year.In addition to broadcasting press conferences for corporate clients, Ustream powers event coverage for NASA and a range of other broadcasters. For $99 a month, users can broadcast up to 100 hours of video on a dedicated channel through the service. We'll have to wait and see if IBM's aspirations are more focused on enterprise than consumers, but the move follows Amazon's purchase of streaming competitor Twitch in 2014. While financial terms weren't disclosed, earlier reports indicated that the deal was worth $130 million.
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