ICYMI: Mind-controlled prosthetics, architect ants and more

That golden arm can strangle people with a thought, now.

ICYMI: Mind-Controlled Prosthetics, Architect Ants and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: Johns Hopkins University researchers surgically repositioned a patient's nerves and also implanted a prosthetic adapter to use mind control on his prosthetic arm. French researchers learned that common ants are able to communicate how something should be constructed by leaving pheromone-based instructions on whatever they're building. And the OneCook smart appliance works by having the fresh ingredients loaded into the cooker hybrid, then lets people control adjust the recipe and let it do the rest from an app. It just launched on Kickstarter.

Drone fans will want to see this Guinness World Records video of a remote control multicopter lifting the heaviest recorded weight.

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