'Dragon Age' lead writer David Gaider leaves BioWare

After 17 years, the scribe makes his exit to work on 'a new challenge' elsewhere.

You might not know his name, but if you've played a game from BioWare in the past seventeen years chances are pretty high that writer David Gaider had a hand in it. Specifically, the Dragon Age series of fantasy role-playing games. The news comes by way of Gaider himself, announcing on Twitter that Friday was in fact, his last day at the studio. "It wasn't an easy decision," the Dragon Age: Inquisition lead writer tells Gamasutra. "The parting is amicable, and I know my current (and as yet unannounced) project will carry on and be awesome."

Gaider marks the latest high-profile departure from the studio following co-founders Drs. Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk exiting the video game industry altogether in 2012. Last year, Mass Effect 3 director Casey Hudson left the RPG-house and joined Microsoft as creative director where he's now working on HoloLens and Xbox games.

If you'll remember, Gaider's been a prominent voice about the role inclusiveness plays in video games and has spoken on multiple panels regarding that very subject. You could even call it his legacy. In addition to writing for video games, he's also published a few novels in the Dragon Age universe.

[Image credit: k_putt/Flickr]