Japan Display reignites rumors of an OLED iPhone

Japan Display will begin making OLED panels in 2018, the same year that Apple is rumored to need them.

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Daniel Cooper
January 22, 2016 9:19 AM
Japan Display reignites rumors of an OLED iPhone

OLED displays are better than their LCD counterparts, thanks to their lower power draw and much greater picture quality. Despite this, Apple is one of the few companies that's remained staunchly in the LCD camp, but that may change in the near future. One of the firm's suppliers, Japan Display, has told Reuters that it'll begin mass-producing OLED panels by 2018. That dovetails nicely with rumors saying that Apple will abandon LCDs in the same year. It makes plenty of sense, especially if the company maintains its two-year device refresh cycle, with a spec bump model released in between. That would make an OLED screen the headline feature of the iPhone 8, should all of these theoretical notions become reality in time.

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Japan Display reignites rumors of an OLED iPhone