Climb Europe's highest peak on Google Street View

You can explore Mont Blanc in different ways. Virtually.

Someday we might be able to explore Machu Picchu or walk around the plains of New Zealand ourselves. But climb a steep, icy mountain that's known as the highest peak in the European Union? Yeah, we'll stick to Google Street View. Google has joined forces with mountaineers, skiers, climbers and alpine photographers to capture the great Mont Blanc on camera. Its Street View page offers four different experiences: you can run up and down the summit, climb ice cliffs and even ski.

If you have absolutely no thirst for adventure (even virtual ones), though, you can check it out for the sake of seeing what Mont Blanc looks like today. The Mer de Glace valley glacier on the northern part of the mountain range where it's located is melting due to rising temperatures. It's affecting the mountain itself, and it might not be the same in a few years' time.