Cortana helps you keep deadlines by scanning your email

Microsoft won't transfer your private info unless you ask for a reminder.

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Cortana helps you keep deadlines by scanning your email

Remember telling Ted in accounting that you'd get the Tuttle figures over by Wednesday morning? No? Well, Cortona does -- it can now read your emails and remind you of any written commitments. Microsoft revealed that the new tweak, and others, are now available in a new Windows Insider release. If you email your spouse promising to get cinema tickets, for instance, then Cortana will pop up to tell you so the next time you open up your PC. The feature works much the same as Microsoft's flight and package tracking, and data is kept locally unless you ask for a reminder. You can also opt out.

The other new features is calendar management. Should Cortana notice that someone has requested a meeting outside your regular working hours, it will tell you so and ask if you want to reschedule.The assistant will also keep on top of any last minute meetings, to help you juggle things and leave on time. If you're used to Google's reminder cards based on emails, reservation confirmations and more, none of these features are new. However, they may prove handy to business users who are more likely to be logged onto Windows 10. If you're in the Insider program, you should see the features soon, otherwise, they'll roll out during the next big Windows 10 update.

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