Firefox gives you push notifications from websites

You'll never miss out on important news.

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Firefox gives you push notifications from websites

If you've wanted websites to push notifications whenever there's a big update, you've typically had to use a browser like Chrome or Safari. As of today, though, there's a third option: Mozilla has released Firefox 44, which brings push notifications to all desktop users. Grant a site permission and you'll get a heads-up whenever there's an important story or alert, whether or not a given site is open. It's arguably an overdue feature, but it's hard to knock having more choice.

This update isn't just a one-trick pony. On the desktop, it'll let you play H.264 video (Mozilla's once-hated nemesis) if your system has a native decoder. It also ditches older, less secure web certificates. And don't worry, Android is getting some updates too -- you can finally choose a home page to display on startup, get search history suggestions and use Android's native services for cloud printing. Whichever platform you use, you can grab the Firefox update today.

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