Ford CEO goes full tech by joining IBM board

Automaker looks beyond Detroit for the future.

Ford CEO Mark Fields has been very vocal about his desire to move the automaker beyond just selling cars to folks. Instead he envisions it becoming a mobility company with pilot programs that offer car sharing and is researching autonomous vehicles. At CES, Fields told Engadget that "it is about developing relationships." It looks like one of those relationships is blooming. IBM announced that Fields has been elected to its board of directors.

While IBM's efforts into the future of transportation haven't garnered the headlines of Google and Tesla, it has been researching how machine learning and big data will transform driving. In fact, Ford and IBM are already partnering on a platform to spot patterns in pieces of driving data.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said, "We are pleased that Mark will be joining the IBM board of directors. Mark led the highly successful transformation of his company in a competitive industry where technology has driven innovation." He continued, "he is leading Ford into a future where cars are not only vehicles, but increasingly becoming mobile technology platforms. His knowledge and insights in running a complex global business will make a significant contribution to IBM."