Hive begins selling its smart plug and connected home sensors

If you already have the thermostat, you'll save yourself some money.

When British Gas subsidiary Hive unveiled its latest take on the smart thermostat, the company also committed to launching a new a range of motion sensors, lightbulbs and a smart plug. It's taken six months, but Hive is finally ready to add its Active Plug and Window and Door sensors to its connected home line-up, with all three products now available to buy online.

The Active Plug, which lets you control appliances via a mobile app, connects to the Hive Home Hub and can be operated from the Hive heating app. If you've already invested in the thermostat, the plug will cost £39, but if you're new to the brand, you will need to lay down £80 for the hub.

The Window and Door sensors are small switches that will tell you when doors and windows have been opened or closed. They cost £29 and also require the Home Hub, but they're especially useful for checking when the kids get home from school or notifying you of an unwanted visitor. While the sensors are on sale today, Hive says deliveries will commence from February 8th.

Last up is the Motion Sensor, a product that uses wireless passive infra-red (PIR) sensor to detect movement in your home. You can't buy it today, but the company says it will go on sale on February 9th and will begin shipping from February 22nd.