'Minecraft' creator wants you to go on a kaleidoscopic trip

'Unmandelboxing' is a geometric experience that's viewable in virtual reality on certain browsers.

Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft has something to show you, but you might not be ready for it. Okay, "your browser might not be ready for it" is probably the more accurate statement. The project? A kaleidoscopic "ray marching fractal generator" that'll run in virtual reality on certain browsers, or just plan old 2D on basically everything else. Road to VR linked to the mesmerizing geometry project (dubbed Unmandelboxing) apparently only weighs about 3.5 KB.

And it seems like that was intentional. Road to VR notes that in the source code you'll find that the image size is a paltry 426x240 pixels and the whole thing uses the relatively limited RGBA332 color palette. Despite Notch's interest, then disinterest and then indifference toward Oculus, he's made Unmandelboxing playable in WebVR with the second Oculus Rift development kit:

Road to VR also writes that currently includes a "properly installed and configured" version of Mozilla Nightly but not much, if anything, else. If you think it's worth the effort to see it for yourself, hit the source links below.