HP's smartwatch has Swarovski crystals and a see-through screen

Because Swarovski crystals are a girl's (cheaper) best friend, am I right?

The product of HP's collaboration with American designer Isaac Mizrahi wouldn't look out of place next to ordinary analog watches designed for women. It looks just like any other Swarovski-encrusted arm candy, which could be good or bad, depending on your preference. Only difference is that its glass is actually a transparent screen that can be activated by a dial. It connects to an iOS 8+ or an Android 4.4+ device via Bluetooth and shows you incoming calls, messages, emails and even the steps you've taken, thanks to its built-in pedometer. You can't, however, use it to send voice messages, listen to music, pay for purchases or monitor your heart rate, among other features more robust smartwatches have.

Its battery can last for years if you just use it as an ordinary watch, but only five days if you use its more high-tech offerings.The "Engineered by HP" device's watchface measures 42mm and is available in silver or gold-tone stainless steel. Its bands are interchangeable, but each color (black, white, sky blue, baby pink and light gray) will cost you an extra $40. The product itself will set you back $250 -- not too bad if you just want a wristwatch with a handful of smart features.