The robot revolution starts with data entry and small talk

Robots are going to work in Japanese banks, hospitals and schools, but keep your expectations low.

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The robot revolution starts with data entry and small talk
Pepper the home robot is looking for work. According to SoftBank, the Japanese company behind the humanoid bot that looks like a friendlier version of an anime villain, this is the year that robots start working for us. That said, businesses are keeping tasks simple. Easy, uncomplicated, dull, simple. So far Pepper has made its way into 500 companies. This week I toured Pepper's early career options.

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  • Blood pressure readouts
  • Pepper doesn't cure you (but it'll tell you what's happening)
  • Pepper goes to school (or at least daycare)
  • Pepper gets schooled
  • Pepper the language tutor
  • Brain training
  • Pepper's smartphone store
  • Wearing a waistcoat is mandatory
  • The robots know which phone you want
  • 500 companies have
  • Is Pepper ready for work?
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