Dish's 4K-ready Hopper 3 DVR is now available

Another excuse to buy a UHD TV. And who doesn't need 16 tuners?

Although the Hopper 3 was supposed to arrive at the end of January, Dish isn't too late on its promise. The company's third-generation DVR, which supports 4K and up to six Joey receivers simultaneously, is now available to subscribers. According to Dish, "qualified" new and existing account holders can get one box at no cost, but that's with a $15 monthly fee.

Still, as long as your UHD TV has HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2, you can get 4K content directly on the Hopper 3 -- including the bizarre Sports Bar Mode that splits a screen into four 1080p signals. The one feature missing right now is universal search integration with Netflix, but Dish says that'll be coming in the near future.