Google makes it easier to keep up with the presidential candidates

It's Cliff Notes for the future leadership of the United States.

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It's an election year here in the United States. In truth, the candidates started eating up news cycles well before 2016 started. Regardless, keeping up with each of their platforms and statements on important topics is tough. Plus, there's the always confusing schedule of caucuses and primaries. So you can either have a live feed of all the cable news networks piped directly into your brain, or you can check out our election guide and Google's updated search and Now card results for candidates.

Now when you search for a candidate, their take on top issues like guns, immigration, national security and taxes pops up. More information about their stance on the issues is just a click away. The topic information is either a direct statement from the candidate or gleaned from news interviews.

The search giant is also presenting real-time updates from primaries. Just search "primary results."

Finally, to make sure you're a active part of the democratic system, Google Now cards will remind you to get out there and vote.