Google OnHub routers are finally getting guest WiFi

You can pick which devices guests are allowed to see, too.

As clever as Google's OnHub routers are, they've had a few glaring omissions... like, say, a guest mode to accommodate your friends. However, the company is making amends for at least one of its rookie mistakes. It's readying an update that enables guest WiFi, which lets visitors hop online without giving them access to absolutely everything on your local network. You also have fine-grained control over the devices you do want them to see. You can open up your Chromecast, for example, while keeping your networked storage off-limits.

The update doesn't appear to be available yet, so don't be worried if you're still stuck with an all-or-nothing setup for a little while. When it does hit, however, it'll help make a more convincing case for the OnHub if you're sitting on the fence -- you don't have to take a step backwards in software features just to embrace Google's simpler, prettier vision of home networking.

Update: The upgrade went live not long after this post.