Microsoft shows how NFL fans could use HoloLens in the future

3D holograms of players and stadiums in your living room.

It's going to be a while before HoloLens, Microsoft's newly developed augmented reality headset, will become a mainstream product. But since its debut last year, the tech giant has been teasing the potential for HoloLens across different categories, including video games and as a tool for businesses. Now, Microsoft is expanding on that, revealing a fresh concept based around the NFL -- just in time for Super Bowl 50.

The video (below) shows how football fans could one day use the device to enhance the game-day viewing experience, right from their living room. One scene, for example, gives us a glimpse at someone wearing HoloLens and using gestures to bring up a 3D hologram of a stadium, which shows detailed information such as attendance and weather.

Then, you can see another user who, as a game is happening on TV in the background, sees live fantasy football stats complete with motion graphics. You also get a hologram of Marshawn Lynch running through the wall, similar to Microsoft's Project XRay mixed reality title -- but here it's about showing you the player's height, weight and more.

Keep in mind this is only a concept at the moment, and Microsoft says there are no specific plans to turn it into a reality. But one can still hope.