Honda recalls another 2.2 million vehicles over airbag trouble

The company now has more than 8.5 million vehicles affected by Takata's problematic airbags.

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The ongoing saga of defective Takata airbags continues. Honda just announced that it added 2.23 million more vehicles to its recall list, making for a total of 8.51 million affected vehicles in the US, Autoblog reports. At issue is the airbag inflator used by Takata, which can potentially spray shrapnel on drivers and front-seat passengers. The airbag issue has steadily grown over the last few years -- now it affects 14 carmakers and 28 million inflators, reports the New York Times. So far, 10 deaths have been linked to the airbags worldwide, along with over 100 injuries.

Here's the list of newly affected Honda vehicles:

The company says it'll start sending out notices to customers within a few months, and it'll begin repairs this summer. It sounds like it'll be a relatively easy fix, though. Honda will simply replace the Takata airbag components with another supplier's.