PayPal has a Super Bowl ad, too

And it's all about 'new money.'

At the rate companies are releasing their Super Bowl ads prior to this Sunday, it's a wonder why they even spent the millions to air them during the big game at all. The latest in that YouTube-approved trend is none other than PayPal, which is hoping to sell viewers on the idea that it's "new money." The under-a-minute clip has everything an ad needs these days to garner attention amid the cacophony of macro-brewed beer commercials and flashy spots for monsters that reside in red and white spheres.

Namely, a beat that's awfully reminiscent of Kanye West's "Black Skinhead;" hip, pretty people both young and old; dancing robots; a 3D printer and... Oh, some bills in a currency counting machine. Wait, that last one is old, just like the folks printed on the paper. New is digital money. Right. I doubt the company's promise of being fresh dinero will extend to transferring funds from a PayPal account to your bank account any faster, though.

Honestly, the ad feels more appropriate for the outfit's younger sibling Venmo than it does the former eBay property. Maybe the ad agency responsible got the two mixed up? Regardless, it's embedded for your viewing pleasure below.