Nike SNKRS app arrives for Android sneakerheads

The app is a shortcut for buying in-demand kicks.

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Richard Lawler
February 9th, 2016
Nike SNKRS app arrives for Android sneakerheads

About a year after launching its SNKRS app on iOS, Nike is finally dropping a version for Android. Designed as a streamlined shoe-buying experience, its intent is to cut out some of the cruft of the website experience, and make sure people can get access to new releases before resellers with bots snap up every pair. Just like last year, the new app is dropping around NBA All-Star Weekend, so Nike also has a few SNKRS Express locations popping up temporarily in Toronto, LA, Chicago and NYC.

It's unclear how much of an effect the program has had so far -- there are already bots claiming access to any shoe released via the app -- but I used it to grab a pair of Flyknit Air Force 1s a couple of weeks ago, while the website was completely crushed. Nike also updated its SNKRS app for iOS with TouchID support, and there's a better web experience on As Adidas capitalizes on the demand for Yeezy Boosts and Under Armour has signed the reigning MVP in every major sport, Nike will have to do more to remain atop the shoe game. Using apps to make shopping less of a headache is probably a good start.
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